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FOTG – Black Edition

FOTG - Audiobook cover


Fate of the Gods - eBook & Audio book

By K Massop

War has broken out among the gods, leaving humans, ogres and beings of every sort caught in the ensuing hellfire. Royalty, commoners, sorcerers and battle-hardened savages must pay the price, choose sides and fight for their lives in an epic war that transcends worlds.

The focus of conflict centers on a world whose citizens are in the 14th century and living in various kingdoms, villages and nomadic tribes. This once peaceful planet has drawn the attention of the dark god Azmond’e who was born in the world of Vis Vires, created by the equally dark and powerful goddess/mother Kali. In ages past, the ancestors of Azmond’e, the Multus, began to stir up trouble and were banished to Vis Vires through a powerful portal known as the Velox which is housed in the City of Ankh and protected by the elite guard of the Kneph & Bomani.

Azmond’e was born and raised on Vis Vires, but stumbled upon an overlooked provision that allowed him access to the Velox gateway and entrance into Ankh. Azmond’e attacked the people of Ankh, killing noble Anubis Ankh and many others before fleeing to the West. Over time, the western empires have fallen one by one to Azmond’e’s superior god powers. Some have submitted to reason and surrendered willingly, some have been coerced through battle and loss and still others have resisted to the point of annihilation. The strong, cruel hand of Azmond’e has created an army of loyal fighters that often experience great inner conflict as they are forced to serve under a canopy of hatred, misery, loss and lies.

In the east, three major kingdoms, Ankh, Vereor and Eshcaa, remain aligned against the efforts of Azmond’e to gain access to the Velox and bring his destructive Multus brethren into their world. Tiaa Ankh, the youngest child of slain Anubis Ankh, has sworn vengeance against Azmond’e for her father’s death and has spent her life gaining the skills and experience necessary to complete her destiny. Tiaa rises to become 2nd general of the Bomani, a sect of powerful warriors, and begins secretly recruiting key figures in her plan to confront Azmond’e.

The time finally arrives for Tiaa to execute her plan and the ensuing battles pit mighty warriors, powerful sorcerers and various others against one another as well as the gods themselves. Those fighting on the side of Azmond’e and those fighting against him all have one very key element in common… survival.

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  •     The "Black Edition" eBook (ISBN: 978 0 9926613 1 1) is now is now available on Amazon Kindle exclusively for a limited period. Get your copy now HERE
  •     The original novel (ISBN: 9781438972732) is published by AuthorHouse in the UK and the USA