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FOTG – Oblivion


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Fate Of the Gods is a published written novel with a graphic novel currently in production.

This story begins in a fictional world set in a middle aged era of swords, shields & sorcery. To begin with it follows 2 unrelated heroines & their quests to overthrow / kill a powerful avatar from the dead world called Vis Vires.

Eventually their paths cross but the results of their actions will cause a butterfly affect that will uncover the greatest threat to life the universe will ever know.

Not even the gods will be safe from what will come of these events.

This game will be based on the successful franchises “Street fighter” “Tekken” and “Guilty Gear” with the story focusing on the “Fate Of The Gods” Intellectual Property.

Like StarCraft was for real-time strategy games and Halo was for first-person shooters, Fate Of The Gods will deliver a total package beyond its base game play in the fighting game genre.

Fighting games are a mature genre with well-defined player preferences, so the way to capitalize on that is to deliver familiar game play with refinements and a few twists, and supplement that with whatever modes and features the genre has been lacking.



Play style

This game will have up-tempo paced action where you will perform limited combo strings that take skill and time to master.

At its core this game will be a 2d Vs fighting game using 3d graphics. Much like Capcoms Streetfighter IV

This game will follow the classical Vs fighting formula for winning where the goal is to completely deplete your opponent’s health bar using the attacks available to your character.

The first person to lose the total allocated rounds loses the game. If time runs out in a round the winner will be determined by the player with the most health.

Ties can happen if time runs out and both characters have equal health or they are both KO'ed at the same time. Each character has a different value of life which is outlined in the character section.


Fight System


This is the most important part of the game design. The fight system has been designed so that newcomers will be able to pick up and play it with relative ease but to master all the functions will take lots of skill and practice.

Here are the basic features of the fighting system:

  • Throws
  • Counter Hits
  • Air Juggles
  • Stuns / block stuns
  • Wall Bounces and Floor Bounces
  • Special moves & Spirit moves
  • Spirit meter
  • Combination strings




To throw, players simply hold toward or away and press punch & kick together. Throws work even against blocking opponents, so they punish defensive play. The enemy has a short window of time after a throw where he can enter his own throw command to avoid damage. This is called a “Throw break.”



If players hit an enemy out of the beginning of an attack animation (rather than the recovery), the enemy will take additional damage as well as suffer an increased recovery depending on the attack that hit them.



Air Juggles:

Some attacks put the enemy into a juggle state where they can be hit more times before they land. We’d like to incorporate this popular fighting game mechanic, but keep it much more limited than the over-the-top version from the Marvel vs. Capcom series.

All attacks will have a hidden numeric value applied to them. This value will increase as other moves connect to juggled targets.


- Player A hits airborn Player B with Attack A.

Attack A = 5 Juggle points

To be able to hit this opponent in a combo before they land Player A needs to use an attack that is 6 juggle points or more

- Player A hits airborn opponent with Attack B

Attack B = 10 Juggle points

Total juggle points of airborn Player B = 15 (5 + 10 = 15)

For Player A to be able to hit Player B again they will need a move that has 16 points or more (no move will have such a high juggle value so this will be the end of the juggle)

Generally speaking the stronger the attack the higher the Juggle potential will be with Spirit moves having the highest potential (bar Spirit custom combos where potential will be infinite)

Stun / block stun / Dizzy:

Some moves have the ability to “stagger” the opponent; this only happens when a specific move is used by your character, this stagger is called a stun.

Block stun occurs when you block attacks from your enemy, light hitting attacks have little to no stun where heavy hitting moves have longer stun durations. While in block stun you will be unable to perform any movements.

If you are struck repeatedly over short amount of time, your character will become Dizzied. During this time, you will be unable to perform any actions such as guarding, attacking, or even moving. Dizzies are indicated by stars that fly around your character's head. As it wears off, the stars will disappear. When all the stars are gone, you will resume control of your character. You can speed up the recovery by shaking the joystick in all directions and rapidly pressing the buttons (Not including start & back buttons).

Once stunned/dizzied you will have to mash out buttons/direction inputs to reduce the time you are stunned, the following table applies to stun breaks.

5 directions pressed = Stun duration halved
10 directions pressed = Stun duration removed

Wall Bounce and Floor Bounce:

Certain moves will make your enemy floor/wall bounce when hit. While in this state you can follow up with attacks that your enemy will be unable to block, this is good for combos.

Floor/Wall bounce can only occur once per combo. The only possible exception will be during "Spirit custom combo".


Spirit / Special moves:

Special moves are always executed by pressing a combination of buttons. When blocked Special moves will deplete tiny amounts of life from your health, though almost insignificant this can mean the difference between life & death when you have no health left.

Spirit moves are the most powerful attacks in the game but require a certain amount of spirit meter to be able to executed. Like special moves, spirit moves will chip away at health when blocked.


Spirit meter:

The super meter has become a standard mechanic in almost every fighting game. It allows the designers to give the players very powerful, limited-use tools. The super meter in this game is called the spirit meter and players have a choice of 4 spirit meters which have different properties.

When you select your characters you will be prompted to choose between spirit meters, depending on your choice you will gain/lose certain abilities.



- "Light" Spirit meter

The "light" spirit meter has only 1 bar which means you can only do 1 spirit move per full bar. With this however you can run, repel, short jump and you have access to the ultimate spirit attack which will be an extra attack for your character.

You gain spirit meter when you take damage or repel attacks. When you have full meter all your normal attack damage is increased by 10% and your spirit attacks do an additional 20% damage.


- "Dark" Spirit meter

The "Dark" spirit meter has 2 bars allowing you 2 spirit attacks per 1 full bar.

With this you can parry, spirit meter charge, spirit move cancel, spirit meter bind & perform custom spirit combos. You gain meter as you attack, parry or spirit meter charge.

- "Life" Spirit meter

The "Life" meter has 3 bars allowing you 3 spirit attacks per 1 full bar.

With this you can short jump, air guard, spirit cancel and perform unblock able attacks, you gain meter by attacking & jumping.

- "Death" Spirit meter

The "Death" meter has 4 bars but you can only perform a single spirit attack when you have all 4 bars thus you are only able to do 1 spirit attack per 4 full bars.

With this you can repel, upgrade special moves, perform spirit custom combos & counter

The Table below outlines the abilities available for each spirit meter.


Parry - By timing a quick tap forward on the dpad as you are attacked you will parry the attack and not suffer block stun or chip damage.

Repel - By timing a quick tap backward on the dpad as you are attacked you will repel your attacker and push them back away from you (Also not taking block stun or chip damage).

Run - Double tapping forwards will make you run in that direction.

Short jump - tapping up or diagonal up in any direction will make you perform a short jump.

Upgraded Special moves - inputting the dpad command for any special move and pressing light & heavy weapons simultaneously will perform an upgraded version of that special move. This action depletes 1 spirit bar.

Ultimate spirit attack - When using the "light" spirit meter each character has a unique spirit attack.

Air guard - pressing the dpad back while in mid jump will perform a block so long as you do not attack. You will be unable to guard in the air from attack that have both your opponents’ feet on the ground.

Spirit custom combo - Pressing Heavy weapon & kick simultaneously will activate your spirit meter which will gradually deplete over time, when you have no meter left you will not be able to continue this mode until you have sufficient meter again.

While active all attacks will have no recovery time/frames but do 80% reduced damage and have unlimited juggle potential. This will enable you create your own combos but it does take timing & skill to execute. This action depletes 1 spirit bar

Spirit cancel - While performing any attack you can press punch & light weapon simultaneously to cancel your recovery thus allowing you to make short combos. This action depletes 1 spirit bar

The Spirit Cancel has many great uses, the primary being for extending combos and increasing damage. Any normal attack, and the majority of Special Attacks and Spirit Attacks, can be Spirit Cancelled which lends itself to some devastating options. Since not all attacks can be Spirit Cancelled, it's important to study the character movelists to learn what can and can't be cancelled.

Spirit move cancel - By inputting the command for a Spirit move during any point of your first Spirit move animation you will cancel into the new Spirit move. You will not be able to cancel into the same super however.

i.e super A cannot be super cancelled into super A again, you have to use super B, C, D etc

Spirit meter charge - if you enter the combination down, down & kick you will begin to charge your spirit meter.

Spirit counter - While blocking any attack and in block stun you can press punch & light weapon simultaneously to cancel your block stun and you will be able to perform 1 of 2 specific special moves as a counter attack depending on what character you are. This action depletes 1 spirit bar.

Unblock able attack - Pressing the combination down, down/forward, forward, punch & kick simultaneously will make your character perform a slow unblock able attack. This action depletes 1 spirit bar

Spirit meter bind - Pressing the combination down, down/forward, forward, punch & light weapon simultaneously will make your character perform a unique attack which if it hits your opponent will block them from being able to use any attack that requires spirit meter for 8 seconds.

This action depletes 1 spirit bar regardless if it connects or not.

Delayed recovery - While floored holding the punch button will delay your recovery getting up.

Safe drop - while falling out of the air after being hit if you hold the punch button while falling you will land on your feet.

Combination strings

Using a combination of all the attack buttons you will be able to perform limited combos dependant on what character you are using but some strings need to be timed accurately for the combos to work.

Below you will see the different types of combination strings.


Jump Ins: This is usually how combos start. It’s when a player jumps in with an attack and then goes into a combo.

Cross Ups: An advance form of Jump Ins, in which you jump over your opponent and still hit him or her.

Normal cancels: It’s when you cancel a normal attack with a special or spirit move.

The art of the 2-1 ("two in one") is an age old combo technique which has appeared in almost every 2D fighting game to date. It involves cancelling a Basic Attack into a Special or Spirit Attack. To perform the cancel, attack your opponent with a Normal Attack, then quickly perform a Special or Spirit Attack before the original attack finishes. If done correctly, the Normal Attack will connect, and then be instantly cancelled into the Special or Spirit Attack you chose.

In most cases, it's best to perform Special Cancels as fast as possible. Beginning players may want to start out by performing them off slow Basic Attacks such as a standing weapon or Heavy weapon. Since the slower attacks usually have a larger set of hit frames, cancelling into Special or Spirit Attacks will be easier than starting out with the quick attacks. As you become more adept at cancelling using this technique, you will find you can cancel almost every Basic Attack in the game. This will greatly open up your combo options.

Juggle: This is when you hit an air born opponent after knock him or her into the air. This is a very hard technique to perform as only specific moves will allow you to hit air born opponents.

Chain Combos: These are normal moves cancelled to another normal move. And only certain characters have them, but most of them is a certain attack chains with another certain attack.

Every character has the ability to chain basic attacks together. This technique is called Chain Combos. Each character has a different set of Chain Combinations available to them, but it generally progresses from Punch to Kick to Weapon to Heavy Weapon. There are many exceptions, but you can usually find simple Chain Combinations by following this rule. Performing Chain Combinations is relatively straightforward. Press the first button in the attack sequence, quickly followed by the next. The first move will hit, and the recovery will be cancelled into the second move. This can be continued as long as you stay within the characters Chain Combination path.

Link Combos: A kind of tough version of chains. These are normal moves that are done right after the animation of the last normal move is complete.

A link is similar to a chain combos, except it requires special timing to actually combo the attacks involved. To link two moves, means to perform one move, let it completely recover, then perform a second move before the hit stun wears off the opponent. The difference between a link and a chain Combination is the fact that links can involve every type of attack, from Basic to Special Attacks, and even Spirit Attacks, while chain Combinations involve Basic Attacks only.

There are many different ways to link moves together, some as easy as simply performing one attack, then another when the first finishes. Other options involve hitting an opponent as they rise with an early attack, then performing the second attack. The reason this is slightly trickier is because the object is to hit the rising opponent with the end of the first attack, so there is less overall recovery. This, in turn, leads to more follow ups.

Another link type can be after Special Attacks or Spirit Attacks that leave your opponent in a specific state that leaves them vulnerable. Moves which stun, floor/wall bounce usually have some form of link option. The reason these types of combos are called links is because they are not programmed into the game like chain Combinations. Imagination, creativity, and execution technique are all requirements of good link combos.

Custom spirit Combos: Only Life Spirit meter has this. These are combos that let you cancel any move/special with any move/special for at least 9 seconds. And you can also juggle the opponent anytime. So basically, if you have your opponent in the corner, you could fireball the opponent 20 times in a row or juggle the opponent to death.

Spirit move Cancelling: Only Dark Spirit meter has this. Its where you cancel a spirit attack into another spirit attack but cannot be cancelled into the same Spirit attack.

Trading attacks

If two moves connect at the same time, a trade will result. This means that both attacks connect simultaneously, and both characters are hit. Depending on which attacks trade, certain combo opportunities can open up. If you hit your opponent with a launching move, as they hit you with a basic attack, both attacks will count as a counter hit, and your opponent will ultimately suffer the worst. This is because, in this situation, they will end up being launched while your character recovers in time to follow. Keep an eye out for trades and be sure to know when to follow up for extra damage.


These are just some of the mechanics that will be in the full game. As time progresses we will release more information & media to the public.