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FOTG – Terminology

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Due to the complexity & depth of the story it is important to know what some of the terminology  means. Though these are explained in the Novel I thought it best to expand on them here.

Below you will find an explanation for some of the terms used throughout the story.

Ankh – The ancient city that guards the Velox.

Argent Legion – Azmond’e’s secret army of Cyclops created for just one purpose. To destroy Ankh.

Birth ceremony – The ritual where Kali absorbs 2 or more of her champions to regain her divine power.

Black Legion – The elite legion of Rigor lead by prince Reece. The black legion is the smallest of Azmond’e’s forces but they are the most feared in the world.

Bomani – The Bomani are the warrior sect of Ankh. Their main purpose is to protect the city.

Book of Antiquus – A holy book that explains the conflicts between the gods in ancient times.

Crimson Legion – Lead by the ex queen of Ferrum ( Kania ) the Crimson legion is renown for its use of heavy artillery.

Eshcaa – The land of the ogre’s. Eshcaa is also the name given to each and every chief that leads the great tribe.

Ferrum – A powerful kingdom that was annihilated by Azmond’e and Kania

Han Dynasty – The current family that rules the eastern empire.

Kali’s Champions – The warriors referred to as the Champions are actually extensions of Kali’s arms.

Kneph – The Kneph are the spirit sect of Ankh. They are the protectors of the Velox. The Kneph mainly consist of sorcerers.

Lacertus – The name of the world that this story resides. Vishnu created this world.

Levo – The original race created by Vishnu. The Levo are now extinct but there are a few descendants who still exist. People who have some kind of heritage to the Levo normally have abnormal physical strength.

Liberty Legion – Lead by Reece’s adopted sister ( Katrina ) the Liberty legion is renown for its use of cavalry.

Light Of Isis (Chons Isis) – Is the fighting form created by general Xola.

Megido Spell – This spell allows its user to pull entities from the spirit world into the real world to aid them in battle. There are different classes of entities that can be pulled from the spirit world
1- Spirit God
2- Spirit titan
3- Spirit lord
4- Spirit warrior
5- Spirit beast

Pullus Ocean - The ocean that divides the east and western continents.

Rigor – Azmond’e’s capitol city. This is the city where tower Phosphores resides. Rigor is the largest city on the western continent.

Royal Legion – Lead by General Murdock the Royal legion is the largest of all Azmond’e’s legions.

Shizuma clan – The Shizuma clan are a division of the emperors finest warriors and ninja’s. Yang Chengfu leads this clan.

Spirit seal – This is a form of symbolic sorcery that forces trapped souls within a limited distance back to the spirit world.

Spirit World – The spirit world is a different dimension. People who die in the real world end up here. The form they take in the spirit world depends on the strength of their soul. Like the real world the spirit world has land and seas.

Sword of Ra – Solomon’s weapon. This sword is a divine weapon and has the ability to amplify its user’s sorcery. This weapon is the source of the gigantic explosion that is cast when Ankh is attacked.

The Celeste – The sword handed down through Katrina’s birth family. This weapon originates from Ankh.

The Holy Order – This is an elite organization that resides within Vereor. King Peritus actually has no authority over this holy army. Alexander leads the Holy order and their sole goal is to annihilate evil from the real world.

Tongue of the gods – An ancient language that was spoken by the gods themselves

Tower Phosphores – The tallest building in the known world. Azmond’e built it as a monument for Kali. This tower has some unusual properties.

Velox – The Velox is the gateway that was used to banish the Multus to Vis Vires. It is now protected by the Kneph of Ankh

Vereor – The kingdom lead by Raul Peritus. This kingdom resides northwest of Rigor

Vis Vires – The world that was created by Kali. This planet has a bright band encompassing it.

Xola – The name given the leader of the Bomani. This only applies if the leader has lead the Bomani for more than 70 years.

Yusheng Ritual – This is the ritual that is performed when an eastern emperor dies. The Yusheng ritual causes the soul of the dead emperor to be embedded into any inanimate object. Yusheng rituals are normally performed on the dead emperor’s weapon thus giving the weapon the powers of the dead emperor.

Yu Shuns Premonition – The first emperor of the Great eastern empire (Yu Shun) had a premonition about the end of humankind. The details on the premonition are not clear but it is said that when the greatest general from the west warns the eldest Han of a threat from the west, the world Vis Vires will be destroyed. After this event the eldest Han will need to join forces with the divine to save human kind.



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