Katrina Celeste


Katrina was a princess of a large and powerful kingdom called Metza. When Azmond’e rose to absolute power in the western world, he at first did not bother with Metza. However, Azmond’e eventually discovered that the Royal Family members of Metza were close descendants of Kali. Azmond’e then tried to get the Royal Family to join him in his quest to conquer Ankh, but the Celeste family wanted no part of this as they did not trust Azmond’e. Infuriated by this rejection, Azmond’e gave the Celeste’s an ultimatum: “Join me or die”. The Celeste family decided to fight Azmond’e, but this was a futile decision. Azmond’e’s armies annihilated Metza along with the Royal Family, leaving no one alive. The only citizens of Metza that survived were those who were away from the city at the time of the fierce attack.

What Azmond’e did not know was that the Celeste family had sent Katrina to Azmond’e’s capitol city (Rigor) to live with a family friend when she was just 5 years old. This family friend was actually the Queen of Rigor. When the Queen of Rigor found out that Azmond’e destroyed Metza, she changed Katrina’s surname and officially adopted her into the Royal Family as the Princess of Rigor. Katrina always knew what happened to her real family, but she let no one know until she was made general of the Liberty Legion at just 19 years of age. Throughout her life, Katrina plotted and planned to take back her nation and this was finally her chance. Katrina began secretly recruiting the survivors of Metza into Liberty’s ranks. This included Hann who was at the time the 2nd general of the Royal Legion. Katrina also secretly recruited Ezekiel from the destroyed kingdom of Ferrum into Liberty. Once Katrina recruited enough loyal members into her legion, she began to plan the takeover of Rigor. Katrina has never forgotten her past and will not rest until she takes back her kingdom and exacts vengeance and justice on Azmond’e.



Katrina has exceptional skills with a sword. This is because she was personally trained by her adopted brother Reece who is one of the greatest swordsmen on the western continent. Katrina also has great power over fire and possesses the power of Kali’s flame. Katrina however has concealed this power to keep her true identity hidden from Azmond’e.



Age: 28

Height: 5'6"


Ethnic Origin

European Caucasian



Liberty Legion


Spoken Language




Long Sword




Katrina has only been focused one thing since she was a child… revenge.

She has worked hard for most her life to gather the power to overthrow Azmond’e and she will not stop until either she or the beast she detests is dead. Katrina has few friends, but the ones she does have are treated with the upmost respect and loyalty.

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