Nefertari Ankh


Nefertari is Tiaa's older sister and has been presumed dead since the day their father Anubis was murdered by Azmond'e. However, Nefertari had been secretly pursuing a newfound gift of teleportation which she used on that fateful day, even though she was still extremely unskilled in its control. When Nefertari used her divine power of teleportation on that day, she ended up in the great Eastern Empire where she was provided refuge by the first emperor Yu Shun.



Nefertari has the ability to open portals to the spirit world as well as to any location in the real world. Nefertari also carries the yusheng sword of Yu Shun which gives her great power over all the elements.



Age: Unknown / Immortal

Height: 5'6"


Ethnic Origin

Black / Egyptian



Ankh / Kneph

Spoken Language

Egyptian, English, Heian, Ogre, Tongue of the gods



Yusheng Sword

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