Prince Reece


Reece is the Prince of Rigor, the capitol of Azmond'e's empire, and commander of the elite Black Legion. Though Reece and Katrina are not related by blood, Reece has a very close relationship with her as if they were brother and sister.



Reece is a master swordsman and is revered as the best on the western continent. He possesses great lightning magic due to a yusheng weapon which he carries, although he is unaware of the weapons origins.



Age: 27

Height: 5'10"


Ethnic Origin

European Caucasian



Black Legion


Spoken Language




Dual Swords




Prince Reece is the typical pompous "rich kid", but his ability in combat makes him the most respected, and often feared, man in Rigor. Reece has a very close relationship with his adopted sister Katrina and she is one of the only people he trusts.

Though Reece is loyal to Azmond'e, his deep sense of justice often leads to internal and sometimes external conflicts when he discovers the lies under which he is held.

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