Solomon Chike


Solomon is the current leader of Ankh's spirit sect, the Kneph, and also the Ruler of Ankh, a title handed to him by General Xola. Solomon is one of the original immortals of Ankh and is the city’s strongest sorcerer. Solomon wields Ankh's greatest weapon, the sword of Ra.



Solomon is beyond a master sorcerer and possesses the divine power of destruction.



Age: Unknown / Immortal

Height: 6'1"


Ethnic Origin

Black / Egyptian



Ankh / Kneph


Spoken Language

Egyptian, English, Heian, Ogre, Tongue of the gods



Short Sword / Staff

Though Solomon was handed power by Xola (Cleopatra Isis), he has the respect of all the citizens of Ankh. Solomon will always do things “by the book” and will punish anyone who does not follow the law to the letter.

Solomon has no friends because of his tight-fisted and strict method of rule, but this does not concern him as he is only concerned with faithfully ruling and protecting Ankh.


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