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Solomon ChikePrince ReeceNefertari AnkhKatrina Celeste

Solomon Chike

BIO Solomon is the current leader of Ankh's spirit sect, the Kneph, and also the Ruler of Ankh, a title handed to him by General Xola. Solomon is one of the original immortals of Ankh and is the city’s strongest sorcerer. Solomon wields Ankh's greatest weapon, the sword of Ra.   Abilities Solomon is beyond…
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Prince Reece

BIO Reece is the Prince of Rigor, the capitol of Azmond'e's empire, and commander of the elite Black Legion. Though Reece and Katrina are not related by blood, Reece has a very close relationship with her as if they were brother and sister.   Abilities Reece is a master swordsman and is revered as the…
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Nefertari Ankh

BIO Nefertari is Tiaa's older sister and has been presumed dead since the day their father Anubis was murdered by Azmond'e. However, Nefertari had been secretly pursuing a newfound gift of teleportation which she used on that fateful day, even though she was still extremely unskilled in its control. When Nefertari used her divine power…
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Katrina Celeste

BIO Katrina was a princess of a large and powerful kingdom called Metza. When Azmond’e rose to absolute power in the western world, he at first did not bother with Metza. However, Azmond’e eventually discovered that the Royal Family members of Metza were close descendants of Kali. Azmond’e then tried to get the Royal Family…
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