I bought this book very randomly, I am a sucker for new authors and love to be the first to discover things before they become mainstream.


I'll get the bad stuff out of the way first. I think a fair comment would be, 'in this universe better written books exist.' This becomes evident almost immediately, HOWEVER, this is not an issue for anyone with a ounce of imagination. The rich and vibrant world with its emotive characters shine through every time. The world created by the author can hang with literally anything I can think of. There are chapters that make me cringe at how savage they are, while others make my jaw drop with surprise. Out of all the twists and turns I think I only called one thing right!!


I can't be the only person who is unhappy with how mainstream media is. The company with the biggest advertising budget wins, regardless of the content. I think it's important to support people like the author K Massop, who are at least trying to bring to the table something different. This book is bargain. Hands down in my book of the year list.

Sergio, Kindle Edition