Azmond'e is the child of Kali. Born on the dead world Vis Vires where his people were banished, Azmond'e was able to use his immense power to activate the gateway to Lacertus (the Velox). Since being on Lacertus, Azmond'e has conquered the entire western continent and rules it as emperor. Azmond'e's true goal is to gain access to the Velox which is guarded by the Kneph in the City of Ankh and save his divine people the Multus from the dead world of Vis Vires. If Azmond'e achieves this goal, the Multus will consume all life on Lacertus.



Azmond'e is beyond a master sorcerer in all aspects.



Age: Unknown / Immortal

Height: 6’0”


Ethnic Origin

Multus / Unknown



Rules all western nations except for Ankh, Vereor and Eshcaa


Spoken Language

Egyptian, English, Heian, Ogre, Tongue of the gods







Azmond’e is exceptionally intelligent and cunning and, like his mother goddess Kali, he has no regard for any living being. This is constantly reflected in his words and actions towards others.

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