Arisu Shari


Arisu Shari is a member of the Shizuma ninja ronin clan based in the Eastern Empire. Arisu is the younger sister of Miyamoto Shari, Shizuma’s 2nd in command. Arisu is a very kind and compassionate woman with gentle tendencies, but in battle she performs with the fighting skills of a Shizuma elite warrior.



Arisu possesses great agility and strong sorcery abilities influenced by earth elemental energy.



Age: 22

Height: 5'5"


Ethnic Origin

East Asian



Eastern Empire / Shizuma Clan


Spoken Language

English, Heian



Sword / Longbow




Arisu is very caring and compassionate and hates fighting. However, she has a great respect for her superiors and will usually follow orders even if she may disagree.

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