Kania was once the princess of a small but powerful kingdom called Ferrum. The kingdom of Ferrum bred some of the strongest sorcerers in the known world, including Ezekiel. It did not take long for Azmond’e to notice this kingdom’s potential and he immediately made plans to attack Ferrum. However, before he sent out his Liberty and Royal armies to subdue the kingdom, he sent a message to the princess of Ferrum: “Join me or die”.

Knowing the potential that the Princess and her kind possessed, Azmond’e wanted to recruit her into his powerful armies. Kania and her family knew that there was no way for her people to defeat Azmond’e so they agreed to join him without hesitation. Azmond’e then built an army for Kania to lead called the Crimson Legion of which she became general. However, Azmond’e needed proof of Kania’s loyalty, so as a test she was ordered to use the might of her new Crimson Legion and destroy Ferrum. Not much is known about what actually happened thereafter and many refuse to believe that Kania actually turned on her own people, but the fact remains that Ferrum no longer exists.



Kania is the most powerful ice sorceress in the world and has exceptional agility and weapons skill.



Age: 22

Height: 5'4"


Ethnic Origin

Descendant of Kyra (Elf)



Crimson Legion


Spoken Language

English, Ogre, Tongue of the gods



Sword / Shield




Kania is pompous much like Prince Reece, but she is much more intelligent. Kania looks down on everybody and truly believes that she is superior to all.

Kania has no friends or anyone to care for and so her nickname “Ice Queen” has more than one meaning.

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