Hann Striker


Hann was once a citizen of Katrina’s kingdom of Metza. Hann was the son of Metza’s greatest warrior who met an untimely death when Azmond’e’s armies annihilated the city. After the events at Metza, Hann fled to Rigor to join the Royal Legion. Once he had come of age, Hann eagerly enlisted into the Royal Legion’s ranks due to his incredible strength which was something that could not be ignored. As Hann grew in age and battle experience, accounts of his achievements on the battlefield spread across the entire continent. It wasn’t long before Hann became revered as the strongest man in the world. Hann quickly gained the rank of 2nd general of the Royal Legion and it was at this moment in time that he was approached by Princess Katrina of the Liberty Legion. Knowing that Hann originated from Metza, Katrina explained her plans to take back her homeland and offered Hann a proposition to join her in this covert mission to overthrow Azmond’e. Hann did not hesitate and immediately joined the cause. Hann is a brawler and loves to fight and his loyalty to Katrina and Ezekiel is unshakable.



Hann possesses no supernatural powers, but he is the world’s strongest known warrior with immense physical strength.



Age: 27

Height: 5'11"


Ethnic Origin

European Caucasian



Liberty Legion


Spoken Language




Mammoth Sword



Hann is the "ruffian" of the crew. He loves to fight, he loves to eat and drink and his mannerisms are what you would expect from a barbarian, but his sense of justice is every bit as intense as that of Katrina and he will uphold it at all costs. The only people Hann trusts are Ezekiel and Katrina. He also looks down on people who use sorcery in combat because he considers it a weakness, but Katrina and Ezekiel are exceptions to this rule as they are both good at hand to hand combat and tend to only use sorcery when absolutely required.

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