Kali is the demon goddess of death, but is a true divinity unlike the gods of the spirit world. Kali created the dead world Vis Vires and she also birthed the divine beings known as the Multus. Kali has been locked in a battle with her brother Vishnu for over 10 millennia, the signs of which can be clearly seen in the night sky as the rings around the world of Vis Vires. Kali has no concern for the life of any creature other than her children the Multus.



Kali is a divine goddess and bears absolute power over creation and destruction.



Age: Unknown / Immortal

Height: Unknown / Varies
Ethnic Origin






Spoken Language

Egyptian, English, Heian, Ogre, Tongue of the gods



Short Sword




Kali has no interest in the living except for her children the Multus, and she will not hesitate to erase worlds in order to realize her goals.

She is infinitely intelligent and powerful which is to be expected from a divine goddess.

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