Tiaa Ankh

Tiaa is the youngest child of Anubis Ankh. Prior to her father’s death by the dark mage Azmond’e, Tiaa was assigned to the Kneph with the duty of guarding the strategic portal gateway Velox which was originally used to banish Azmond’e’s ancestors to Vis Vires. After her father’s death and Azmond’e’s ensuing escape from the City of Ankh, Tiaa became consumed by anger and sorrow. Hell bent upon revenge, she decided to leave the city in pursuit of Azmond’e. However, her attempt to leave was immediately thwarted by the current ruler of Ankh (Solomon) for it was expressly forbidden for any person of Ankh lineage to leave the city. Discarding care for her home and fuelled solely by revenge, Tiaa left the Kneph and joined the Bomani in order to become stronger of blade and mind in preparation for her secret intension pursue Azmone’e beyond the City of Ankh. Under the direct training of Xola, Tiaa quickly gained immortality and it was not long until she was promoted to the rank of 2nd general of the Bomani.

After 800 years of training and service, Tiaa decided she had achieved the skills and experience required to defeat Azmond’e and promptly cast aside her peoples’ traditions and left behind her home City of Ankh. She travelled toward the direction of the rising sun until she reached the Eastern Empire where she chanced upon a village under attack. Thirsting to use her new found strength, she decided to save the village, repelling the invaders with ease. The overly grateful villagers turned out to be the elite eastern Shizuma clan who decided amongst themselves to appoint Tiaa as a village member. Initially, she was not keen on accepting the offer, but during her stay, she began to envision the simple joy of living a peaceful life outside of the confines of Ankh and decided to set aside her mission of revenge and settle down with the villagers. During this time, she adopted an orphan of the village called Azumi and, over time, Tiaa became very close to the child. She even shed her homes dress code and adopted the traditional style of her new home in a bid to signify the start of a new life.



Tiaa has abnormal speed and strength due to the fact that she has been trained personally by Xola in the Chons Isis fighting style. Tiaa also has the ability to cast barrier spells stronger than any other sorcerer, but the most spectacular of Tiaa’s abilities is being able to charge any object with kinetic energy until it explodes with a tremendous force. Tiaa mainly uses this ability in conjunction with her powerful archery skills.



Age: 800+ / Immortal

Height: 5'5"


Ethnic Origin

Black / Egyptian



Ankh / Bomani


Spoken Language

Egyptian, English, Heian, Ogre



Long Bow / Samurai Sword




Tiaa is a very angry woman due to the painful personal events she has experienced most of her life. Her internal suffering is the source of her great strength which her mentor, Cleopatra Isis (Xola), considers a dangerous weakness.

Tiaa has no regard for authority with the exception of Cleopatra Isis and she will break any rule or law to protect and avenge her friends & family, often without thinking about the consequences of her actions.

Tiaa has been puzzled and tormented since the murder of her father by Azmond'e, who she considers a weak coward, and the apparent death of her sister Nefertari.

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