An arousing debut where war and magic are at the heart of each page. Revenge is dark and justice is served bloody and cold in this dark, epic fantasy.


Above the world known to all as Lacertus, Gods, humans, and supernaturalism leads to bloody wars. Hann, Guardian of Fort Ankh, is uncomfortable with his position as the Guardian King, although he feels quite at home on the bloody battlefield. His loyalty to his Princess, Katrina Celeste, and the Liberty Legion is seemingly unmatched by any other warrior in the legion. When Azmod'e, a powerful sorcerer, and his Royal Army plot to capture and arrest Katrina for "treason" the bloodbath begins throughout the territory of Rigor all the way to Ankh. Katrina realizes the partial extent of her magical powers during the first of many battles; while her legion doubts their ability to take on the world's strongest armies head-on. The unsettling scenes throughout this dark tale produce incredible surprised, both for the better and the worse, leaving the reader to question what will happen next. In a land filled with sorcery and a fusillade of paranormal warfare; life, death, and land are on the line. Will Katrina realize her powers in order to gain freedom for herself and the Liberty Legion? Will Hann and other trusted warriors remain loyal to the Liberty Legion? Is Azmond'e indeed the most powerful sorcerer in the land? What will happen to the Royal Army? The ending is not customary of a traditional fantasy novel; nevertheless very satisfying.


In this debut, K. Massop creates a world set in the 14th century that is literally outside of this universe. Fate of the Gods blossoms beautifully into an unforgettable story about power, magic, love, and revenge. It's rapid, appealing to those with a particular love of dark, epic fantasies, and leaves the reader in a paranormal trance.

J. Calvin, Kindle Edition