Managed Voice

The best rates, the best quality for all your retail & wholesale traffic for all destinations around the globe.

When you need global reach but Local Knowledge, you must have discretion but a worldly wise understanding. When you don’t need help, but it would be useful to have backing. When the problem is complex but you need a simple answer, you need KMASSOP LTD.

KMASSOP LTD, we’re on side, on point, on topic on the ground and in the boardroom, - KMASSOP LTD - an external resource, in your office whenever you need it. Call us, email us, tweet us, FaceTime us but whatever you do, don’t ignore us because we are here help and we won’t stop until we’ve delivered a solution that’s fit for purpose.

KMASSOP LTD - We make friends for life.


We offer the best wholesale/retail termination in the market at the best rates & we offer routes for every destination around the world.

Key differentiators:

Dedicated account management. Having your own account manager who is always incentivised to look after and grow your business ensures that your traffic is always in good hands.

Best in class suite of backoffice tools. This gives your account manager and the rest of our team everything they need to meet your expectations.

Customised routing solutions. Whilst we offer 3 distinct tiers of service aimed at broad categories our account managers are free to tailor your routing selections to best match your requirements.

State-of-the-art next generation network. An all IP core infrastructure ensures we have the best possible blend of flexibility, reliability and cost.


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