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Fate Of the Gods - Oblivion

Next Gen Vs game




Fate Of the Gods - Black Edition

eBook & Novel



Fate Of the Gods - Black edition

Audio Book



Fate Of the Gods - Graphic Novel

Limited edition Graphic Novel




Oblivion is a new game currently in production. It is a 2.5D 'Vs' fighting game which features all the major protagonists from the 'Fate Of The Gods' Universe


The critically acclaimed novel currently available as eBook from Amazon. War has broken out among the gods, leaving humans, ogres and beings of every sort caught in the ensuing hellfire. Royalty, commoners, sorcerers and battle-hardened savages must pay the price, choose sides and fight for their lives in an epic war that transcends worlds.


The unabridged audiobook of Fate Of The Gods Black Edition. Masterfully Narrated by James Kermack and edited by Hanna Tailleur. This is available now at Audible.co.uk


Limited edition graphic govel drawn by Carlos Villa. Currently unavailable to the public but will be soon...


What is "Fate Of The Gods"?

Fate Of The Gods is a British epic fantasy fiction franchise centered on a novel series created by K Massop.

Fate of the Gods is the fictional noble tale of tantalizingly complex battles in which gods, goddesses and unbelievable mystical creatures clash in fierce combat on and above the world known as Lacertus. Human and other beings mix supernatural war strategy with magic, sorcery and a barrage of paranormal weapons in a life and death struggle for worldly as well as heavenly kingdoms, honour and, most of all, the very the existence of the world.

Author K Massop skilfully takes the reader on a rapid paced, electrifying fantasy adventure set in the 14th century. The words which flow from the page spin an incredible story crammed with unexpected twists, astonishing turns and a bombshell ending of epic proportions.

  •     The "Black Edition" (ISBN: 978 0 9926613 1 1) is now is now available on Amazon Kindle exclusively for a limited period. Get your copy now HERE
  •     The "Black Edition" Audio book is available now on Audible.co.uk
  •     The original novel (ISBN: 9781438972732) is published by AuthorHouse in the UK and the USA

As well as the written novel there is a graphic novel in production, two games & original soundtrack.

If you would like to know more please feel free to dig into the website and follow the external links for the Social Media and more information.

Have fun.

Behind the scenes

Fate Of The Gods - Oblivion

Most of my resource is going into this right now. You can check out the links above for more information.

Fate Of The Gods - Black Edition (Audio Book)

Produced by Hanna Tailleur and narrated by James Kermack the black edition of the novel will be brought to audio format sometime in 2015.

Fate Of The Gods - Sequel

The sequel to the original novel is more epic and layered than the first. 10 Years after the events at Rigor something dark is about to surface and the events that follows will send ripples throughout not just the living world...